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How to flash a functional TWRP

I am not responsible for bricks, broken phones etc.
It will trigger knox, so dont blame me.

First download Odin and TWRP in my example for the SM-A520F
TWRP for SM-A520F

Turn the phone to download mode ( turn off ) (hold power on volume down and home button to enter)
Open Odin and select AP and select A5-SM-A520F-TWRP-

Press on start and wait until the phone reboots.
So connect your phone again to the pc and download the latest SuperSu by Chainfire and put it on your sdcard ( not internal )!!!

Turn the phone off
Hold power + home button and volume up to enter the recovery .
Dont swipe to allow modifcations!! use read only!
Flash Supersu and after that reboot to android.

Also download the No-verity-no-encrypt Patch made by Ashyx and put it on your sdcard ( not internal )!!!

Install Flashfire made by Chainfire, grant it root.

make a backup of data choose to storage that backup on your micro sd card! internal will be wiped!
Check on flash, wait untill it finish.

If the phone is finish check on the microsd Flashfire backup if it is there reboot to twrp again.
Swipe to allow modifications and select dont show this again,format data, enter yes, After that go to install, select storage select micro SDCard
and flash the no-verity-no-encrypt_ashyx.zip.

If it is finished reboot the phone do the setup.
Install flashfire again hit restore and restore the data partition.
After that u can fully use TWRP and make nandroid’s etc with it.
For cwm etc i dont know, if this works since i dont have cwm or A3 or A7.
But here are the links and try it at your own risk.

Samsung release the kernel source for the A5.

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